Thursday, July 18th, 2019

“Top Secret” Study Skills Workshop

Upcoming  TOP SECRET Study Skills!

1. Lafayette, LA.  Saturday, February 16th. Middle School Program;  grades 5th – 8th   9:00 am – 12:00 pm ($39)

2. Lafayette, LA, Saturday February 16th,  High School Program grades 9th – 12th  1:00 pm – 5:30 pm. ($49)

3.  New Orleans, LA. Sunday February 17th.  Middle School Program grades 5th – 8th   1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. ($45)

Lafayette, LA.  Location:   The Bayou Church 2234 Kaliste Saloom Rd.
New Orleans, LA. Location:  St. Francis Xavier School. 444 Metairie, Rd. (Tentative Location)
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Former Counter-Intelligence Agent Shares “TOP SECRET” STUDY SKILLS Programs:

“on a scale of 10, it was an 11!”

Vincent Chiappetta, Brother Martin High School


TRUTH:  Many students graduate from high school without truly learning how to study.  It’s no secret that even though college c o s t s are SKYROCKETING, the s u c c e s s rates are PLUMMETING.  Too many students face more challenging academic courses and struggle because they have never really learned to learn.  This program is designed to give students an edge by giving them tools to learn and perform.

These programs are designed to give students a “users” manual for their minds when it comes to learning. Many students don’t truly learn to study until they reach a challenging level.  Then it might be too late to learn how they “learn”.  We believe the younger a student begins to understand learning, and how they best learn, the sooner they gain an appreciation for learning.  The side effect is that students understand “how” they learn, and can overcome many obstacles that before seemed to be an excuse for NOT learning or performing in school.

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“I think this will help me throughout school and life”  Lauren Porche, Ursuline Academy

“Learning the study guide was best, this was a good experience”  Erin Caldarera, Ursuline Academy

“This was all good – I would recommend it, this could be a major chance for someone to do better in school” Bryce Toups, Jesuit High School

“Food can be a good source to help study, I got a lot out of this – it can help everybody!”  Kyle Monk, Brother Martin High School

“I enjoyed all of it, super fun!”  Adam Boe, Jesuit High School

“I thought I achieved decent study skills, but I now know I can be doing much better! Every school should offer this, I learned a lot, definitely!  Alex Moran, University of New Orleans

“I learned that I’m a visual learner – this is very informative and very helpful!”  Melissa Hartman, Ursuline Academy

(Jr. High / High school students may attend.  Parents are welcome to attend with student – we will have a parent section!)

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Junior High School:  Students learn a system for academic and life learning success.   This program is only 2 hours and and age appropriate to students in 5th – 8th grade.  Students learn the fundamentals of understanding how to learn;

  • learning styles,
  • states of learning,
  • listening & paying attention,
  • taking notes,
  • creating a study guide & mind mapping.

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“This was very inspirational” Chance Creppel, Brother Martin High School

“FANTASTIC!”  Jenna Cleary,  St. Mary’s Dominican High School

“It was educational and may change my opinion of studying.  It was very motivational”  Devin Anstein, Brother Martin High School

“This was an eye-opener!  I enjoyed learning to improve my study skills, good experience”  Nicholas Teague, Brother Martin High School

High School:    Students learn to GET A’s in high school and build a foundation for college success.  Students learn more in depth principles as well as exercises to practice the principals they learn.  The program is typically conducted at a host high school on a Saturday.  The format for the program is a combination of learning the principles then participating in facilitated small group activities.  Topics covered,

  • Learning Styles (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic)
  • States of Learning (Mental Toughness techniques – chemical, physical, emotional, intellectual)
  • Listening and Paying Attention
  • Organization and Test Preparation
  • Taking Notes
  • Mind Mapping

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“TOP SECRET” Study Skills College:  (18 & older)  Designed for college students of any level who wish to study less and get better grades.  All of the above principles taught at a college level.  Call to find out how to have CareerTHINK’s “TOP SECRET” Study Skills on your campus.  504-430-2251

“Learning can be fun!  This teaches your how to get better results”    Antonio Cannet  Brother Martin High School

“I enjoyed it a lot!  This opened my eyes”  Michelle Sentilles, Mount Carmel Academy


Former intelligence agent, Ray Hollister, is one of America’s most prestigious tutors.  He survived the world’s most intensive training for undercover agents assigned to foreign operations.  Learn how to use “Top Secret” learning strategies formally available only to the U.S. government’s most highly trained agents.  Learn faster, retain more and achieve top grades.

Students learn:

  • How to reduce your study time by 20% and improve your test scores and grades
  • Inside secrets from U.S. Special Forces training that will teach you how to learn information 3X faster
  • How to avoid countless hours of memorizing while doubling your retention and memory power
  • The most neglected, ignored and over-looked skill that is never taught in school that determines 90% of academic and career success
  • How to significantly reduce stress
  • How to manage your time and prioritize your responsibilities

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Here is what others have said about this exciting program!

“Our players not only enjoyed the course, but have taken away some great techniques that have helped them have the highest GPA during the spring semester (baseball season!)”    Tony Robichaux, Head Baseball Coach, UL Ragin’ Cajun’s

“Outsanding! .. it is such a great learning experience”  Erin McNulty, Notre Dame High School

“Great, I learned to get organized!”  Jeremy M. Teurlings Catholic High School

“A very new concept of learning skills for life!”   Franny S. Episcopal School of Acadiana

“Helped me to study and use my time better – it was effective and will help me perform better in school”  Bailey Bopp, St. Mary’s Dominican

“I learned how to study more in less time”  Jessie Caronna, St. Mary’s Dominican High chool

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“I learned the best way to learn – was a great experience and will help me in many ways with school”  Author Duplessis, Brother Martin High School

“It was awesome, he is a great speaker!”  Evan LeBoef, Archbishop Shaw High School

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. 1. What if my son or daughter doesn’t want to attend?

It comes as no suprise that most students have little interest in attending a “school” related workshop on a Saturday morning.  We understand that many parents strongly encourage their students to attend.  We do not take this committment to their learning lightly,  and will assure you that it will be a worthwhile experience!  Students describe this study skills program as FUN, POWERFUL, and AMAZING!  This is not your average study skills program and while we have fun, we take learning very seriously!

  1. 2. Is there a charge for the parents session?

We highly encourage parents to attend the parent session, there is no charge! We also encourage parents to sit in the back of the student session.  (Please keep in mind we are creating an atmosphere of fun and learning, please use your judgement in case you feel that  your presence may impede your student’s learning)

  1. 3. What is the “The DEATH OF HAROLD” and can we attend that section of the program?

(Told at the conclusion of the program) We close the program with a TRUE inspirational story called “The DEATH OF HAROLD”.  Ray tells an amazing story of overcoming seemingly impossible odds you don’t want to miss!    We would be happy if you join us for the last half hour of the program.

  1. 4. What type of student should attend this program?

Whether your son or daughter is preparing for college or they desire to achieve strong academic results in high school, there will be benefit for them attending the workshop.  This is the same program we conduct for college students and is beneficial for top students, or those who wish to become top students!

  1. 5. Do we need to bring anything?

We will provide pen, a TOP SECRET Manual, snacks and drinks.  You might want to bring a sweater in case it gets cold in the room.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us!  504-430-2251   or

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