Thursday, July 18th, 2019

CareerTHINK Team

Meet the CareerTHINK Team

Hermann Schulze – The founder of CareerTHINK is a native of New Orleans, LA., and a graduate of the University of Louisiana Lafayette. As a college athlete, he was confused about which career would be a great fit for him. His research and determination to find a meaningful career set him on his own successful career path. He began as a student leader and served as an intern for an international training company that hired him as a full-time employee after college. He quickly became the youngest director in the history of the company. He travels the country conducting workshops and speeches at universities such as Georgetown, Cornell, and Pepperdine. In 2003 his vision of creating a comprehensive program for students to discover their best career match, and develop the tools and skills to launch a successful career, became a reality He authored a book outlining the process he developed called, “5 STEPS TO THE CAREER YOU LOVE”. He is also certified in several assessments including the Highlands Ability Battery and Birkman’s About U Report and has amassed a team of facilitators to have great impact on the students who attend this camp.

Ray Hollister: As a former specialist in the Intelligence Community for the U.S. Government, Ray helps high school and college students learn the way their mind works. Ray will show students their unique learning style and the skills to achieve great results through mind-mapping, taking notes, mental toughness, preparing for tests, organization and more.

Eddie Francis – Eddie is 20-plus-year media and public speaking veteran.  The public relations professional and radio broadcaster also uses his skills as a stand-up comedian to speak about communication skills, media relations, and college/career preparation.  Eddie received his degree in communications from Loyola University New Orleans.

Lonnie Mathews – A financial expert and standup comedian! He has been speaking to students for more than 10 years and brings a unique and fun method of teaching students the fundamentals of understanding money and moving to financial success.

Yusef Murphy – Entrepreneur and founder of Integrity Studio, Yusef has an MBA and worked in Corporate America before following his passion in Music. Yusef will help students recognize their full potential and find their passion and live with integrity.

Kay Morrison – an organizational expert and founder of The Occasional Wife. Kay will provide students with systems and ideas to become more efficient through organization.

John P Galloway, PhD – a psychologist and expert, Dr. Galloway will help students adjust to the many changes they face throughout high school in college.

Wayne Wallace – A professional trainer for more than 25 years, he will help students understand the foundational habits of success through the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”.