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CareerTHINK’s Career Direction Workshops are designed to give high school students a comprehensive agenda to follow to help ensure they are prepared for college and career.

How to avoid:  “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Students Make Preparing College” – (2 Hours)  This program is a fun interactive workshop for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.  Avoid the biggest mistakes that students make preparing for college by attending this workshop.  Students will learn:

  • the 5 Steps To Choosing The Right Major
  • Learn the BEST way to plan for college and career
  • Become more mentally tough to set and accomplish their career and personal goals.
  • To avoid spending EXTRA time and money in COLLEGE because of indecision

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At CareerTHINK - we believe you learn 3 times faster when your laughing and having fun!

College and Career Blueprints PART I:   (Career Goals, Mental Toughness & Researching Careers)   Students Learn to:

  • Identify their strengths, weaknesses, values and vision
  • Understanding the Future Job Market
  • Students will develop their Goal Getting ACTION PLAN
  • Become more self aware
  • Identify and  the 8 factors affecting their career choice to make the best college, major and career decisions
  • Gain a new understanding about what career trends and opportunities may be a rewarding.
  • Understand how to evaluate and determine that they are on the right path, avoiding major changes and wasted money!

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“This is information that most of us do not get to learn until we are in the work force taking additional classes.  As a parent, it gives kids a great start on how to live, set goals and work toward them!” Dottie Green,  High School / College Parent

College and Career Blueprints PART II:  (Networking, Mentors & Building Relationships)

Students will learn:

  • Interviewing For Information
  • Understanding how to build relationships with Mentors
  • Learn to build a mastermind Alliance
  • Experience a MENTOR MASTERMIND
  • Understand the power for building strong mentor relationships to gain a better career vision
  • Gain practical tools for identifying mentors, and becoming a great mentee.
  • Learn powerful natural laws of success to grow their career opportunities
  • Gain real world experience
  • Become more confident in interviewing for information
  • Gain a practical experience to ensure their college major and career decisions are correct.

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Mentor Workshop

Students turn the table on Mentors during the "Mentor Mastermind Workshop" - This is NOT your typical career day!

Advanced Learning Strategies (4 hours): Workshop delivering the most current learning skills

  • How to reduce study time by 20% and improve test scores and grades
  • Inside secrets from U.S. Special Forces training that will teach you how to learn information 3X faster
  • How to avoid countless hours of memorizing while doubling your retention and memory power
  • The most neglected, ignored and over-looked skill that is never taught in school that determines 90% of academic and career success
  • How to significantly reduce stress
  • How to manage your time and prioritize your responsibilities

“Our players not only enjoyed the course, but have taken away some great techniques that have helped them have the highest GPA during spring semester / baseball season!”
- Tony Robichaux, head baseball coach, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

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