Sunday, August 25th, 2019


Hermann Schulze is the founder of careerTHINK – We offer one on one and group coaching, career assessments (natural abilities and aptitude, personality, interests), workshops and products to help students through “20 Somethings” discover their AUTHENTIC or NATURAL career fit – as well as the SKILLS and KNOW-HOW to prepare for and attain their DREAM CAREER.

Hermann has 15 years experience in leadership with students and young adults.  He is a nationally certified professional speaker and Career Coach, and is the founder of CareerTHINK.  He has recently authored a soon to be released book about the 5 Steps To Finding A Career You Love!   We use several of the most powerful career assessments,(Birkman’s About U Report and Highlands Ability Battery, Kuder Navigator)     As a professional keynote speaker and trainer, he has delivered thousands of programs to more than 400,000 high school and college students throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Enlightening and energetic presentation really opened the eyes of the juniors and gave them specifics to approach!   St. Paul’s High School (About Hermann’s Presentation)

Hermann Schulze is dynamic and very empowering!   Kathy N., Guidance counselor, Tioga High School

What’s Your Major? Students will learn:

  • The 7 Biggest mistakes students make and how to avoid them
  • The CareerTHINK 5 Steps to choosing a college and major best for them
  • How to manage your college search and choose the best major

Your Inner Voice –  Overcoming Obstacles to achieve your goals Students will learn:

  • Understand secrets to setting goals and unlocking your potential
  • To become more assertive and a comfortable communicator
  • How to have own the one thing that will attract great people in your life

CONNECT Networking to your perfect Career – Students will learn:

  • A how to separate themselves from the crowd and get a head start on a job
    they are proud of after they graduate.
  • How to find and build relationships to launch your career
  • How to find the unadvertised and best job and internship opportunities
  • Learn to take advantage of one of the most powerful tools that will disappear
    when they graduate from college if they don’t use it, but will last forever if they
    do use it.

How will this help your school or organization?

High School Students: Their future career is usually in the back of their mind. Some have an idea, some have many ideas, and many have no clue!  Their first major decision is usually about college.
90% of high school freshman SAY they are going to college
Only about 60% actually attend;
Only about 30% will actually graduate within FIVE years of starting college
60% of students will change their majors at least one time while in college.

College Students:
ONLY 20% of college students will graduate on time, increasing wasted money and debt.
50% of students will get a job in their field of student.
OVER 60% of students move back home after college, not because they want to, but in most cases they DON’T HAVE A JOB that will allow them to support themselves.

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