Thursday, July 18th, 2019



If you have read our article, The 7 Biggest Career Mistakes STUDENTS Make, you learned about “Catfish Syndrome”, a very common problems most students have getting into their career.  It describes the challenges students make with their three biggest decisions, choosing a college, choosing a major and choosing which career / field of work after college.

The “world of work” has changed drastically in the last 10 – 15 years.  There are few “CAREERS”  as we have known them, students in college now are expected to have 5-10 DIFFERENT CAREERS over their working life and 15-20 different jobs!  RIGHT now, the average job lasts just over 3 years, yet the trend is moving toward an even smaller number.

Our goal is to teach students how to (fish) PREPARE and  NAVIGATE their job market.  This process can NOT begin too soon.  ONCE A PERSON;

  • Identify their STRENGTHS and ABILITIES,
  • Navigate the JOB MARKET and LAND JOBS

That person can continue the process, build their career, and if they need to change jobs, it will be a process they know how to do.  (Thus not leaving them in the same place they were.  We are not giving them a job, we are teaching them how to thrive in the marketplace)

For the high school student: Exploring one’s strengths, interests, abilities and looking at the future job market is critical to making solid decisions.  We don’t expect a high school student (or college student for that matter) to know what they want to do for the rest of their life.  HOWEVER – completing UNASSIGNED HOMEWORK can be the difference to completing college with little debt and not finishing college or completing it in 7 years, countless changes in major, wasted classes and the national average of $20,000 in debt.  (Assessments, college coaching, workshops (college prep, learning strategies, College & Career Connections workshop, etc)

For College Students: Learning what to expect when they graduate, knowing what employers are looking for, getting experience, building the skills employers want and navigating the unpublished job market begins in college!  Waiting until someone is looking for a job is a very stressful process, not to mention unsuccessful.  Less than 20% of jobs are gotten through the published job market!   (Learning strategies workshops;  Career Ready coaching, developing a self marketing plan, interview coaching etc)

For 20′ Somethings: Goal 1.  Finding a persons AUTHENTIC CAREER (a career that is fulfilling, utilizes one’s “career DNA”, and financially rewarding) is what most people strive to attain.  Goal 2.  Being able to develop the skills and strategy to land the job of their dreams. (marketing oneself, interviewing, tapping into the unpublished job market, moving to leadership)

4 Cornerstones of CareerTHINK

Confidence – Because most everything in life you pursue and eventually accomplish is determined by one thing, your confidence or deserve level.  We get in life what we think we deserve.

Relationships – There are many important things in life; however, in the end it is all about the relationships we make and nurture that really matter.  If you show us who you are associating with, we will show you where you will be in 1 yr, 5 yrs. 10 yrs., and 20 years with about a 95% accuracy rate. We become like those we associate with.

Mentors – It is better to copy genius than to create mediocrity.  In every field, some of the most successful professionals rose to their position under the direction and guidance of others that have been successful in the same field.  Take for instance, out of the 29 teams in the NFL, 20 of the head coaches have coached under previous hall of fame coaches.

Persistence – Goals become unreachable when we lose sight of them.  Many people do not reach their potential because they do not have the knowledge, skills, and vision to achieve what they set out to accomplish.

Mission of “CareerTHINK”

Help students utilize the “5 steps to the career they will love” by identifying their natural career fit, then take action to help them accomplish positive results in high school, college and career.