Thursday, July 18th, 2019


Welcome to CareerTHINK!

I have been working with high school to college graduates for almost 15 years now, and as a parent of two teens, I have learned a few things.

  1. As parents, we try to help instill values and competencies for success and help them NOT make some of the mistakes we made in our lives.
  2. Our kids don’t quite value our “suggestions” or wisdom as we would like them to (at least consistently).

Our goal at careerTHINK is to instill the values, skills, and structure that STUDENTS WILL LISTEN TO, in an environment THEY ENJOY.

If I can be of help, please give me a call:  504-430-2251

Hermann Schulze

Our services


  • “TOP SECRET” Study Skills :  Taught by a former counter intelligence agent, students learn to study more effectively by understanding the way their mind works.
  • FREE Scholarship Strategies: Parents and students learn to navigate a very complex process to win more money for college!
  • What’s Your Major? : An overview for parents on how to AVOID the 7 Biggest Mistakes Students Make Preparing For College.  The presentation is best for parents and students as early as FRESHMAN in HIGH SCHOOL! (but JUNIORS and SENIORS … it’s not too late!)
  • College & Career Blueprints (Part 1 & 2): Two one day interactive, captivating and will relate to your high school stuudents, designed to experience the 5 Steps To The Career They LOVE.  See the 5 Step process.

Summer Camp

College & Career Connectioins Camp - is an experience for high school students entering grades 9 through 12 designed to help prepare YOU for success in college and beyond. The program is both intense and fun including a variety of workshops, presenters, mentors and career guides.

College & Career Preparation & Coaching

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We offer presentations for schools and groups and organizations.