Thursday, July 18th, 2019


CareerTHINK is a resource for high school, college students and 20 somethings’ to help them make one of the toughest decisions of their lives.

CareerTHINK can improve study skills.

CareerTHINK can improve study skills.

We help students make smart decisions when it comes to big decisions:

- Choosing a college
- Choosing a major
-  Getting internships
-  Gaining experience
- Getting a job
-  Learning to network
-  Selling your strengths and talents
-  Communicating with confidence
-  Identifying and achieving goals
-  Understanding the natural laws of success

CareerTHINK offers a number of services to help students achieve these goals, including career assessments, study skills workshops, retreats and speaking engagements at your organization.

Students can sign up for a one-day, two-day or four-day CareerTHINK seminar. We utilize the same approach, one that we have found yields the greatest success. This approach involves a variety of learning methods in a non-academic and interactive setting, complete with team leaders, small groups, dynamic presenters, mentors and keynote speakers.

Some of the classroom-based materials — such as improving study techniques, learning the art of the interview and managing time better — are instantly applicable and beneficial. These aids to better performance become habit, and replace bad habits . Because the program is designed to produce immediate results, parents often call us within a few days of the seminar’s end to express a pleasant surprise.

Creating a change in attitude

The more subtle but equally valuable lifelong skills — like finding a career fit, appreciating personality differences, getting along better with parents and teachers — are just as beneficial. However, they involve personal reflection, give-and-take conversation, self-discovery and some soul-searching. This is why we immerse students into the seminar environment. Wherever they look, they see the same natural laws at work. When students understand the principles of success, they are more likely to be successful at all of what they do.

The model of continuous improvement we impart to the student is the model everyone at CareerTHINK employs. In fact, that is how CareerTHINK was built. We found a way to combine the best of the best ideas rolled into one fun, compelling, learn-while-you-laugh approach. Each piece reflects the whole, all of which cumulatively leads the student to an attitude change. It’s
not that our graduates “grow up” so much as they “grow into” a more mature, more reciprocating outlook.

Finally, because everyone’s learning curve is unique, especially in matters of outlook and attitude, it should be noted that we never stop working for alumni.  We don’t view this as the end of our contract with them.  In fact, we have found that staying in touch with them, especially for the first months after the seminar, produces the best results.

So we continue to network, mentor and help them get all of what they came to us for on the very first day. After all, nothing speaks more powerfully about our program than the success our graduates have with our material.

“This has helped me so much. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I need to do to get where I want to be.”
-Kyle Kloor, graduate of Jesuit High School

“It became clear immediately that this is an essential tool for students as they are planning their future.”
-Francis Angers, guidance counselor at St. Thomas More High School

For questions or more information, please call us: 504-303-3221 or e-mail us using this form.