Thursday, July 18th, 2019


At CareerTHINK – we help students and young adults:

  • IDENTIFY and learn more about their UNIQUE STRENTHS and abilities
  • DEVELOP the LIFE and CAREER SKILLS critical for success during and after their academic career
  • Understand how to PREPARE and maneuver the CURRENT JOB MARKET successfully
  • Learn the SKILLS to LAND JOBS in any market
  • Ultimately, give students a HEAD START and put their potential to use

We help students and young adults with the early transitions of their career.  We provide simple solutions to some of the most ambiguous challenges students and younger adults have as they begin their career, beginning in high school and continuing through their early thirties.

More and more students are NOT finishing college (what they started) or moving home and continuing to live with parental financial support because of indecision or lack of understanding how to use their gifts.  At a time where technology is so abundant, WHY ARE STUDENTS having more challenges now with beginning their career than EVER BEFORE???

COST of COLLEGE is RISING, faster than every industry but healthcare, yet COLLEGE SUCCESS is continuing to DROP.

My thought is that there are more choices than ever before.  Students are required to learn more about their own gifts, I call it a person’s career DNA – a unique set of abilities, interests, personality traits etc. that can one can determine what type of career fit they need.  (notice – not just what they “enjoy”, but NEEDS to DO)

People have been conducting research for solutions for years!  Johnson O’Connor began in conducting research on natural aptitudes in 1922 (and continues today);  Dr. Frederich Kuder began researching at The University of Chicago in 1938 exploring interests and preferences;  Dr. Roger Birkman began researching personalities and self concept at The University of Texas  in the 1940’s – My point is that this is not a new “problem”, and through a few simple processes with the use of modern technology, we can help students effectively and efficiently make good decisions concerning their future.

At careerTHINK we use a mixture of proven assessments and 15 years of experience working with high school and college students in leadership and career direction, to give students a MAJOR CAREER HEAD START. We are always learning and growing and our success is our clients success.

Students:  Are you ready for a competitive advantage and head start?

Parents:  As a parent of college students, I understand how difficult it is to find the right messages and messengers.  We take that commitment very seriously and are committed to providing the very best for your family.

We look forward to working with you, please let us know if you have questions, we are here to help!


CareerTHINK Team