Sunday, August 25th, 2019

The Highlands Ability Battery

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Career Assessment and The Highlands Whole Person Method (Explainer Video)

The Highlands Ability Battery (tHAB): is the “Gold Standard” among tools assessing human abilities or aptitudes. This unique assessment reveals your natural talents. You will understand the “why” behind many of your behaviors such as procrastination, job boredom, intensity, analysis paralysis, brainstorming and many others.

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A person performs a series tasks in 19 work samples designed to measure a person’s natural abilities. This assessment is an OBJECTIVE MEASUREMENT of TALENT rather than subjective self-assessment.

There is no passing or failing tHAB, there are no “good” or “bad” scores or profiles. THAB facilitates better self-management (career/job selection, job design , work-life balance) and relationship management (effective interpersonal dynamics, team dynamics and leadership). Equipped with this information, you may find a 5% change in how you work that makes a 25% change in your satisfaction.

Interpretation of the results can be done one-on-one coaching, or in groups classes, workshops.


  • Define individual abilities
  • Promote self-understanding
  • Build self confidence
  • Guide educational choices
  • Optimize career options
  • Assess Occupational satisfaction
  • Lead to Success and self-fulfillment

Parents and students can schedule the assessment and individual feedback session.

Standard Package:  MY TRUE CAREER FIT                                                Price:  $595

  • Ability Battery & Primary Report – Feedback (2 HR)
  • The Career Exploration Report
  • The DiSC Personal Profile Behavioral Style
  • 2 follow-up coaching / strategy sessions (1 HR each)
  • 1 Annual review or Follow Up Session (1 HR session)
  • My True Career Fit Workbook includes 5 Steps, 20 Exercises and thought activities that are proven to uncover your Authentic Vocation
  • Email and Phone support for workbook

Premier “MY TRUE CAREER FIT” Package (Most Comprehensive)             Price:  $995

  • Ability battery and  feedback ( 2 HR)
  • Kuder Interest Inventory, Report & Feedback
  • DiSC Personal Profile / Behavioral Style
  • 8 structured follow-up coaching / strategy sessions (1 HR each)
  • My True Career Fit Report – 1 annual review (1 HR session)
Example  Career Coaching Plan: ( Each plan is customized to the your needs.  )
  1. Session 1.  5 Steps To Career You Love / Kuder Interest inventory & feedback
  2. Session 2.  DiSC Personality profile
  3. Session 3.  Career Exploration Supplement
  4. Session 4.  Goals – Purpose – Vision
  5. Session 5.  Work Values – Motivation – Family background – Skills
  6. Session 6.  Finding Mentors (networking)
  7. Session 7.  Building relationships / Getting Experience  (informational interviewing)
  8. Session 8.  Developing Champions

Future Directions Assessment Program for High school Juniors and Seniors

  • Program includes a personal assessment and 2 hour group feedback session;
  • Students attend (4) 3 hour sessions facilitated games and exercises to identify the 10 factors impacting a successful career.
  • Parent Session are welcome to attend the group feedback session.
  • Includes 30 page detailed, personalized and confidential report
  • Students will receive a Future Directions manual and several books.
  • 10 Factors explored:  Goals, Interests, Abilities, Values, Family Background, Personality, Vision, Skills, Attitude and Self Concept as well as their Career Development Cycle.

Cost:  $750 per student and includes assessment

Please call 504-430-2251 to register