Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Ability Battery: Future Directions Workshop

Highlands Future Directions
Workshop Agenda

Future Directions Assessment Program

  • Program includes a personal assessment and 2 hour group feedback session;
  • Students attend (4) 3 hour sessions facilitated games and exercises to identify the 10 factors impacting a successful career.
  • Parent Session are welcome to attend the group feedback session.
  • Includes 30 page detailed, personalized and confidential report
  • Students will receive a Future Directions manual and several books.

Cost:  $750 per student and includes assessment

Workshop Session One:
Activity 1: Discussion of Present Career Ideas and A Starting Place
Guided Imagery
Activity 2: Interviews and Introductions
Activity 3: Describing Your Abilities in Everyday Language, Part I

Workshop Session Two:
Activity 1: Ability Jeopardy
Activity 2: Describing Abilities in Everyday Language Part II
Activity 3: Reflections on Abilities and Vision
Activity 4: Interest Show & Tell
Activity 5: Personal Interest List
Activity 6: Reflections on Interests & Vision
Activity 7: Academics
Activity 8: Assign as Homework Reflections on Academics & Vision

Workshop Session Three:
Activity 1: Personal Preferences
Activity 2: Reflections on Personal Preferences & Vision
Activity 3: Voting on Values
Activity 4: Values Sort & Process
Activity 5: Reflections on Values & Vision
Activity 6: Ideal College Description
Activity 7: College Interview Process

Workshop Session Four:
Activity 1: Back to The Future
Activity 2: Structuring the Future
Activity 3: Goal Setting & Action Planning
Activity 4: Road Map to What’s Next
Activity 5: Knapsack

Wrap up and Evaluations

Future Directions Ability Battery Workshops are typically held at a school.  The workshops include:

a.  The Highlands Ability Battery:  3 hour assessment which can be done online and must be completed before the workshop.

b.  The Ability Battery Feedback session:  An individual feedback session.

c.  A 30 page manual of your personalized results.

d.  Workshop:  (4) 3 hour workshops:  program is listed above and is designed to be a fun and interactive program to utlize the results of the ability battery.

e.  Books:  “Don’t Waste Your Talent”;  “College Majors & Careers”; “5 Steps To The Career You Love”.

If your school would like to host the Future Directions Ability Battery Workshop, at no cost to your school and a discount to parents;  please contact us:  504-430-2251