Thursday, July 18th, 2019


We offer  the best career assessments in the world.  We feel the combination gives students the most holistic and thorough measure of their natural abilities, strengths, challenges, needs and career focus.

The Highlands Ability Battery is a series of 19 worksamples designed to measure a person’s natural abilities.  This assessment is now able to be taken online, and each person will receive a 30 page detailed report on their natural abilities. Each student will also receive a 2 hour personal coaching feedback to understand and APPLY the information obtained.  For more information please call us 504-430-2251 or visit:

The Highlands Ability Battery Certified Affiliate

Certified Affiliate

The About U ReportPowered by Birkman is a personality based assessment, combining a persons interests, 11 behavioral elements, perspective, and career make-up.  Each person receives a 26 page detailed report, a CD explanation, and a 2 hour coaching feedback session.  For more information, please call us:  504-430-2251 or visit:

“ Being the parent of 3 children, the oldest being a junior high student, had us  wondering if there were ways we could better understand him and how we relate with each other.  We all got our About USM Report  in order to help us see how we interact together and where our family’s needs and interests lie. This has turned out to be an invaluable tool and we look forward to using the knowledge of each other to gain a better understanding as we interact as a family. A must for any family raising kids today… ”         Andy Bauman – Father of 3

“About USM Report helped me see myself. I knew who I was but it helped me better understand how I am. I see the results and they show who I am, what I do, and how I work. All of these results I can relate to myself. For instance, it shows that strategy is very important in how I approach things and problem solve. It just so happens that I like strategy and practice it very much. It showed me what I needed and when I don’t get enough of what I need, what will happen. And it showed me what to do when I am stressed.”

Matthew Bauman, Junior High Student